*The Princess Profiles is a series of opinion articles on the Rotoscopers website which takes a close look at the Disney princess in the wake of the release of their most recent film "Frozen" last November. This article was originally posted here.*

As any young girl growing up, I was in love with the Disney Princess. She was everything I wanted to be, everything I wasn’t. And there was one particular princess that held my heart hostage; Aurora.

Aurora was the daughter of a king and queen whom had waiting a long time for a child. During the gathering to celebrate Aurora’s christening, we meet the three good fairies, all of which want to bestow a gift to Aurora. Flora gives the princess beauty, Fauna gives the gift of beautiful song, but before Merryweather can present her gift, Maleficent shows up angry because she was not invited to the shin dig, and bestows Aurora the gift of death upon her 16th birthday via pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. Left with no other choice, Merryweather gives the gift of sleep to counteract Maleficent’s evil spell. The fairies then take Aurora in secret and raise her for the next 16 years.

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